Modafinil, sold under the brand name Provigil is usually recommended to enhance wakefulness in individuals who suffer from sleepiness due to several health conditions [1]. It is usually linked with the treatment of excessive daytime sleepiness, which in turn disturbs the day-to-day life proceedings of people all over the world. It is often referred to with the term, “eugeroic” to reflect the quality of the medication – “Promoting wakefulness”. The day-time sleepiness occurs in most people due to three main conditions according to the healthcare industry.

  • Narcolepsy– Excessive condition associated with sleepiness and hallucinations in some cases.
  • Shift work sleep disorder – A disorder characterized by insomnia
  • Obstructive sleep apnea – A serious disorder where the airway closes, leading to breathing difficulties during sleep.

Also, note Modafinil helps with wakefulness but it does not cure sleep disorders in any case. Modafinil is also traded in the name of Armodafinil hence both of their effects are moreover same.

It is usually believed that Modafinil works by modifying the natural substances in the brain in order to promote wakefulness [2]. It is also used with certain breathing devices for the treatment of other sleeping disorders. But the interesting part about Modafinil is that it has an off-label use where it is taken for its ability to enhance the cognitive function of the brain [3]. It is really not surprising going through the current facts that convey this drug is being used more by the public for its cognitive enhancement property. However, it is also used as a means of the solution towards depression, fatigue, and much more.

With many people using Modafinil for their daily purposes, the medication goes with a popular name called the “smart drug”. In fact, this medication has made its way into the most competitive industries in the world where people have to rely on their cognitive capabilities to pull off the impossible. In the last few years, much has been discussed about this drug with several people hailing it through their personal experiences that have been hugely productive.

As much as the medication is useful for many, it raises several concerns and doubts in the minds of people as to how safe it is to use Modafinil. No matter how good a drug is, a common man cannot start using it blindly. Hence, we have tried to answer all your queries through this website for the welfare of the public. All information published here is intended to clear all doubts regarding Modafinil, its usage, benefits and much more. Also, you can completely trust us as we do not present to you any claims without intensive scientific research and backing from experienced users of this medication.


Modafinil is one of the fast selling medications today and this cannot happen without the proven track record of this drug. However, some people feel this medication is being hailed only due to its testimonials but researching deep into it, you can find several scientific studies that affirm the same.

Maintenance of cognitive levels

The fear of most people is that if Modafinil keeps someone awake, how is it possible to attain high cognitive performance in spite of deprived sleep. Modafinil is not just good with keeping people awake but it boosts cognitive sensibilities and improves motor coordination in a way that you won’t feel deprived of sleep [4].

Eliminates fatigue

This is something that Modafinil is best known for. It pumps in energy, keeping you fresh for long hours [5].

Improves motivation

Modafinil works in different ways to improve the overall mood, pushing it in the positive direction for motivation. It is believed that it changes the levels of dopamine to bring in positivity in its users.

Increased memory power

Modafinil has proven to improve the memory power in its users [6]. Earlier it was believed that it can be useful only in increasing the effectiveness of working memory but with time it has also shown it can work towards enhancing the episodic memory of the brain.

Enduring energy

In most spheres of work where long standing energy is needed for work and productivity, Modafinil seems to be a helping hand. With the ability to improve one’s mental furniture, it allows you to work for long hours.

Other benefits such as enhanced focus, reduction of dependency on drugs, reduction in decision impulsivity and much more can be listed out for Modafinil. But not all of these other benefits have been proven with scientific evidence. When it comes to Modafinil,. It is always about individual performance as the medication’s effects vary from person to person. And also, expecting results from Modafinil immediately can also lead to hasty decisions.

Weight loss

This is definitely a surprising benefit of Modafinil that most people wouldn’t have been familiar with. This is something new that has been identified with Modafinil and also its one of the very first unofficial benefits under this regard. There are two reasons as to why weight loss occurs in people with Modafinil. People who are diagnosed with sleep apnea usually suffer from obese conditions. With that condition, the second reason comes into action, which is that Modafinil works best when it comes to suppression of appetite. This leads to significant reduction in the calorie intake, resulting in weight loss over the period of time [7]. But do not forget, Modafinil doesn’t play the role of a diet pill; it is just that it favors the conditions that could lead to efficient weight loss over a period of time.

Adverse effects

Though Modafinil is considered to be a safe drug in most cases, it can bring in certain side effects if it is misused or not taken properly following the instructions. Let us discuss the most serious side effects first and then move on to the most common adverse effects of Modafinil.

One of the physical side effects of Modafinil include: [8]

An allergic reaction or a serious body rash (In these cases, it is advised that you visit your doctor for remedies.)

Other mental adverse effects include the following

  • Feeling of anxiety
  • Depression or mood swing
  • Sense of hallucinations
  • Aggression in behavior
  • Suicidal thoughts

At times, serious side effects might also include heart related problems associated with chest pain, breathing difficulties and abnormalities in heartbeat.

Now, coming to the common side effects of Modafinil, we have

  • Headache
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea or sense of vomiting
  • Pain in the back of the body
  • Stuffiness in the nose
  • Nervousness
  • Dizziness and drowsiness
  • Stomach upset
  • Difficulties with sleep

Most of these common side effects are usually mild and they slowly cease to exist with time. As mentioned earlier, these side effects can be eliminated with Modafinil use if the medication is taken in the right dosage irrespective of the purpose. Using Modafinil with responsibility is an important aspect of staying safe.


No matter which drug we talk about, drug interactions is an important aspect of usage. Most people consume drugs that don’t go well with their medication resulting in serious consequences. Drug Interactions completely change the way a particular drug reacts and in the same way Modafinil does have some possible drug interactions. Not all drug interactions have been discussed here but some of the major interactions do have a place in this section for safety and awareness. For more information on drug interactions, you can always contact a doctor.

Street drugs such as methamphetamine, MDMA Or ecstasy have a history of interacting with Modafinil. In the same way, Modafinil might react with birth control pills, reducing the effectiveness of these hormonal medications [9]. In some cases, it could not work and lead to pregnancy. It is better to inform your doctor before you start using Modafinil if you have been taking birth control pills. Also, do not forget to mention about any bleeding or any other adverse effects if the doctor allows you to consume Modafinil.

Modafinil might remove some of the medications faster from the body and also increase the blood pressure in some instances. Some of the drugs whose mechanisms have been affected by Modafinil are bosutinib, ritonavir, paritaprevir and much more. It is recommended to minimize the use of caffeine, chocolate and alcohol while taking Modafinil [10]. Also, stay away from consuming medications containing armodafinil while taking Modafinil already.


Modafinil doesn’t enjoy similar legal privileges in all countries in the world. For example, In the U.S, Modafinil comes as a “Schedule IV” prescription medication [11] as categorized by the DEA. Also, it has been tagged with low risk for abuse and dependence. Most of the countries have placed Modafinil in the same category more or less. Hence, the legal way to obtain Modafinil is through prescription from a doctor. It doesn’t matter what purpose you take it for but it is important to get hold of the medication with the prescription of a qualified doctor. In most cases, people stay away from prescription when it is for an off-label use. That means most of them try to purchase Modafinil only for cognitive enhancement without a prescription.

Even if you tend to experience narcolepsy or other sleep disorders and ask for Modafinil to your doctor, your healthcare professional wouldn’t prescribe the medication immediately. You will have to undergo several medical tests and only when you are diagnosed for those conditions that the doctor gives you a prescription. Also, you can order Modafinil online at some places without a prescription at your own risk. No serious incidents of imprisonment or legal consequences have been reported in the US for the purchase of Modafinil. However, it is definitely illegal to buy and sell Modafinil without a prescription.


The working mechanism of Modafinil has always been a curious chapter of medication science. Earlier, when it was believed Modafinil can only promote wakefulness, it reversed the odds with its entry as a smart drug, improving cognitive excellence. But the clinical evidence confirms the effectiveness of Modafinil in treating narcolepsy and other sleeping disorders. It is believed that Modafinil activates the Orexin neurons in the hypothalamic region. These neurons promote wakefulness and are one of the main factors for inducing narcolepsy in people. [12]

Another popular science behind the working of Modafinil is the increase of dopamine concentrations in the brain by inhibiting the reuptake of the hormone. With more dopamine, a positive outlook with loads of motivation is possible. It has also been established that Modafinil has a role in the increase of histamine and in the CYP3A4 enzyme’s activity. It also reduces GABA production, increasing the level of plasma in the former enzyme in the liver.

With an elimination half-life of 12-15 hours, it reaches its peak concentration in 2 hours after ingestion. Also, the elimination of the medication from the body occurs completely through urine.

Ingredients in Modafinil

Modafinil consists of active and inactive ingredients. The active ingredient is primarily modafinil of course and the inactive ingredients include microcrystalline cellulose, lactose monohydrate, povidone, magnesium stearate and compounds of starch and sodium.[13]


Modafinil is a medication that has been extensively researched and in fact, many derivatives have surfaced based on its chemical reactions and pharmacology. The quantification of Modafinil is usually seen in plasma, serum or urine to stay in track of the dosage and to monitor any adverse effect in other cases. Many techniques are employed to check this aspect and one of the primary ones include gas or liquid chromatography. The molecular formula of Modafinil is C15H15NO2S with a molecular weight of 273.4 g/mol [14]. The physical description of this medication is solid and the colour ranges from white to off-white crystalline powder-like form. In general, it is insoluble in water and other compounds like cyclohexane. As a CNS stimulant, Modafinil is linked with a low rate of serum elevations in some cases.

Where to buy Modafinil online

When it comes to Modafinil, you can find a huge pool of sellers and vendors on the online platform who allow the purchase of Modafinil from any part of the world. Just with some research, we found that more than 50 vendors online work with Modafinil distribution. Hence, finding a Modafinil seller is an easy task at hand but it is important to find the right store that is trustworthy and authentic. It doesn’t stop with that; you can even come across high quality Modafinil pills at very low prices if you put in some effort towards it. The sale of Modafinil on online platforms has skyrocketed that you can even get it delivered to your home. Some vendors offer medication even without a prescription but it is important to have a prescription to ensure that your purchase is legal. With more people showing interest towards Modafinil, sellers and vendors have come up with a user-friendly website that offers all convenient services to users.

The regulations imposed on Modafinil might vary from one district to another in the US. All you have to do is check the proceedings in your district for the smooth purchase of Modafinil medication. Though regulations are in place, no arrests have been made in recent times for the purchase of Modafinil [15]. However, we urge you to buy it in limited quantities and please make sure it is for personal use and not for selling it to someone else. The good thing about most Modafinil vendors is that they initiate a refund process or re-ship your pills in case it gets seized by the customs in your country. In most cases, they are aware of the jurisdiction rules in their nearby parts. Also, not all vendors might extend their services to all parts of the world, hence make sure to check if the particular vendor delivers to your country.

Best Generic Modafinil

As you might be aware of, Modafinil is sold today widely under several brand names. It is available as Provigil [16] and by other names in the market. Though you have branded forms of Modafinil all over the place, we insist that you choose generic Modafinil as your priority. We have got two reasons why you should go with the generic Modafinil in most cases.

  • It is insanely cheaper than the branded Modafinil
  • The composition of Modafinil and the branded one is no different from each other, exhibiting even the same pharmacological effects.

It is always better to look out for the popular generic brands of Modafinil and we are sure you will find a lot of them online. In case you need some help, we bring you the most popular ones in the market today that have been consistent in terms of quality and effectiveness.

  • Modvigil – This medication will be a great eye-opener for the ones who are new to drugs related to cognitive boost. This one is usually produced by a different pharmaceutical company called the HAB. It is definitely a great generic form of Modafinil, but the memory enhancement effects don’t work for a long time.
  • Modalert – This medication comes from the stable of SUN Pharmaceuticals and it is definitely a high quality generic Modafinil medication available right at the moment with long lasting effects on the brain. This goes well with people who have credible experience using smart drugs over the long run.

Both the manufacturers of Modafinil, SUN and HAB hold high reputation among the manufacturers of Modafinil, following all norms and regulations. They have been consistently manufacturing top class Modafinil pills for a long time.

Country by Country Modafinil

Every drug goes through different regulations in different countries and Modafinil is no stranger to that fact. As discussed in the legality part, Modafinil has been categorized in different ways in other countries. But most of the countries allow the sale and purchase of Modafinil in limited quantities along with a prescription. Also, some countries have differing theories about Modafinil and their regulations are completely based upon these evaluations. But though the rules and regulations differ, one thing is clear. You will not be able to purchase Modafinil legally without a prescription from the doctor. It doesn’t mean you will not be able to buy Modafinil without a prescription at all, but the process is illegal. Some countries do allow people to buy the medication OTC. Hence, it is all about the regulations imposed in your country and how familiar you are with those rules. Once you know it well, there will be no turning back as you could purchase your medication at ease. Please make sure to research well before you decide to buy your Modafinil medication in your country.


If you are very curious how Modafinil was discovered, when two chemists in France came up with the precursor version of Modafinil as a potential treatment against narcolepsy. This happened in 1974 when these two chemists were working in Lafon laboratories. From there, it took the center stage as it showed no signs of any side effects or withdrawal effects in the form of jitters and others. This quality was commendable as other amphetamines exhibited these side effects in most cases. The precursor Adrafinil was first used and then a neurophysiologist working at the same company came up with the primary metabolic product of Adrafinil, which was Modafinil. The effects of Modafinil attracted everyone as it was faster with treatment against narcolepsy and other sleep disorders. It then got its approval in 1994 to be sold under the name Modiodal for narcolepsy.

Only after the company Cephalon got the license to bring Modafinil in the U.S, several tests were done and then it was cleared by FDA and the DEA to sell the medication under the name Provigil in 1998 [17]. The initial purpose was to treat only narcolepsy and this trend was seen till 2003 only after its recognition for other purposes too. Modafinil saw its way into the military camp to keep the soldiers brisk during war. Even many athletes and sportspersons started using it after which the Sports body banned the use of Modafinil; during games.

Modafinil just works

There has always been a speculation about the wondrous effects of Modafinil but the truth is that the medication wouldn’t be as popular as today if it was less effective. Modafinil is definitely an important drug in today’s scenario as it is a competitive world that we are living in. Who doesn’t need the edge against their competitors for survival? Modafinil can be the game-changer in most cases. If the cognitive boost is what you are looking for towards amplifying your excellence in performance, then Modafinil is the key. With its countless benefits around alertness, focus, motivation, memory boost and other qualities, this smart drug must be at everyone’s reach as everyone deserves to be the best at what they do. There are medications out there that can enhance your cognitive performance but they always bring in unfavorable side effects along with them. If you ask about nootropics that provide the cognitive edge and is also safe to use, there are very few options out there and Modafinil is one among them.

If you have heard of a movie called Limitless, you might have come across a pill that could make mankind do wonders. At this point of time, such excellence cannot be expected but Modafinil gives hope towards that vision in the future. In fact, it is the only key that people could have their hands on to enhance their mental functionalities in a safe way. And if you ask us who uses it more at this point of time, it is none other than students and creative people who need a lot of motivation and mental boost for their career. So, without a doubt – Modafinil just works!!

How to store?

Like every medication out there, it is best to preserve Modafinil away from moisture and heat. It works way better when you store it at room temperature [18]. You can always put them in air-tight jars or other small boxes, where you store your other medications. It is also important to keep the medication out of reach from children and other people who might develop an addiction with the medication. Always keep tracking your pills and make sure no one is using it without a prescription or your supervision. As Modafinil has a risk of abuse, you will be held responsible if someone else uses your pills without any proper guidance and consultation.


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