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You must already be aware of the beneficial effects of Modafinil and how it serves as a great tool for cognitive performance apart from being a wakeful drug. Once you get to know this medication, it is obvious that you would look for ways to get your hands on this medication to reap all its benefits. However, are you aware of the ways to purchase Modafinil? With one way being the conventional offline drug store option, the other one allows you to buy Modafinil online. Though you have these two options in hand, you will have to present a valid doctor’s prescription to buy Modafinil legally. But the irony is that Modafinil is largely popular for its off-label uses and hence, people are in search of different ways to buy Modafinil online without facing any difficulties due to the OTC factor. You have come to the right place if you have also been pulled towards Modafinil for its off-label uses. This guide here has been formulated to provide a safe and reliable way to purchase Modafinil.

This guide here covers all important information about Modafinil and if you are someone who is curious enough to learn more about the medication apart from buying it safely, you are in for a treat. We cover a wide range of topics right from choosing the right vendor, choosing cheaper vendors to getting the medication delivered to your doorstep from any part of the world. You could also get an idea about the legalities and the regulations spread over different parts of the world for Modafinil.

But why Online?

You might have come across this question the moment you looked for various ways to purchase Modafinil. Three main reasons are the answers to your query. It is all about cheaper prices, convenience of delivery and effective generic versions of the medication. When you get all these three benefits from buying Modafinil online, doesn’t it sound like a good deal? But wait, there is much more detailed information which will even push you one step closer towards buying the medication at ease.

Let’s dig in!!


As you might know already, Modafinil is a medication that advocates wakefulness and it has many other off-label uses too. While this drug is recommended by most doctors for patients who suffer from sleep disorders, it comes under the category of prescription medications. Moreover, doctors prescribe Modafinil for excessive sleepiness and also narcolepsy [1]. If you are not aware, Narcolepsy is a condition where people fall asleep at any time of the day repeatedly.

These are the prescribed conditions of Modafinil but it is popular among young people by the name, “smart drug”. Most people prefer Modafinil for its off-label uses. If you are puzzled why, Modafinil provides a range of cognitive benefits to most people including, increased focus, enhanced cognitive performance, improved attention span, enhanced memory power [2] and much more.

Before we jump into your favorite part of buying Modafinil, let us see how beneficial the medication is in detail. No wonder, people call Modafinil the King of Nootropics.

Modafinil benefits

The fuss and buzz around Modafinil might look hyped for the ones who haven’t tried this medication. Once you get to know this medication through personal experience, you will love it. One of the main reasons as to why Modafinil is popular today is that it just works. Yes, people have been skeptical about the medication due to its growing popularity but once people realized it works, the smart drug established its supremacy over other medications.

It just works

The buzz around Modafinil is not some random hype that people create. Modafinil is known to work and its effects have also been proved. Modafinil is undoubtedly the leader of smart drugs in the market right now. Modafinil couldn’t have become the best selling nootropic today without any factual evidence for its benefits.

The Power of Modafinil

One of the main reasons why people love Modafinil is that its potency is too good. Once the medication reaches its peak, you can experience enhanced focus and concentration. Modafinil usually works within an hour from its consumption. People tend to focus more and complete their jobs much faster than expected. If you are bent upon learning how Modafinil achieves this, then it is all due to the peaking of histamine levels in your brain caused by Modafinil. This completely makes you alert while also enhancing the brain functions for improved memory power and cognitive performance. Modafinil also causes a spike in dopamine and serotonin [3]. Some reports say that Modafinil also alters the fear stimuli reactivity level so that you can remain focused even during anxiety and stress.

Completely safe & Smart

Based on the report from clinical trials and researchers at Harvard and Oxford universities, Modafinil is a safe smart drug [4]. In fact, no ill-events have been registered due to Modafinil. Also, Modafinil does not induce addiction as it does not show similar structural relationships like the ones that cause addiction. A small tolerance is likely with Modafinil though addiction can be ruled out. You cannot really overdose on Modafinil as the medication works largely as a non-stimulant. This is why Modafinil is compared to other harmful drugs out there. Also the side effects are said to be mild with Modafinil, which can also be eliminated if the drug is administered properly.

Easy to buy

With the inception of online platforms, buying medications had become an easy affair. With that given scenario, Modafinil is just very easy to purchase from online drug stores. All it takes is good research on the vendors and you can just place your order easily. With many safe payment options available at most authentic vendors out there, you can get your Modafinil package delivered at your doorstep within a few days.

Less and Mild Side effects

Most people do not experience any side effects with Modafinil but in some rare cases, mild side effects like Nausea, headache, stomach upset, anxiety, dryness in mouth, diarrhea and some other mild reactions can be experienced [5]. These side effects generally recede or fade away once your body gets used to the drug. Also the side effects can be prevented by making sure that the dosage is well maintained and by taking the drug in the morning.

Where exactly to buy Modafinil Online?

We have come to the part that you have been waiting for. No more stories as we get to the three main sites where you can purchase your Modafinil from in a safe way. We not only let you know these three main places but also enlighten you on why they are the right choice for your Modafinil purchase. is a top performing vendor at the moment who specializes in the sale of Modafinil online. If you are someone who is looking for a good place to purchase Modafinil, this could end your search.

With the reputation of serving many customers and known for its reliability, these are the reasons why you can opt from them

  • This vendor provides guaranteed delivery on Modafinil purchases. You can also choose to get a refund or a new shipment could be shipped based on your preferences. So yes, 100% guarantee on delivery.
  • The shipping is quite quick with them as they do not delay the process. With free shipping provision and products delivered within 5 to 15 days, is it not the best you could ask for?
  • Cheap prices always attract people but here, cheap prices are accompaniedwith the best quality, which makes it the best place to buy. You can even check the prices at your nearby places to see how low the prices are.
  • And not to mention, the customer service is exemplary. The email support is quick and you can find their contact information when you place your order. The customer care executives are not just quick to respond but also provide accurate support on your queries.

They have been in business for over a year and the reputation they have built stands as a testimony to the quality of service they provide to their customers. Everything about them is impressive.

The main benefits you could enjoy at are

  • The customer support is just too good. Quick responses to all your queries.
  • You also tend to receive tracking codes and numbers once you place your order. This benefit makes sure that you handle and track your Modafinil package efficiently.
  • Name the payment option that is convenient to you and they provide it to you with ease. The flexibility with the payment options is amazing as you can choose from a wide range of options right from credit cards to Bitcoin and so.
  • Like all prominent players in the Modafinil business, the delivery is guaranteed.
  • Their lightning fast shipping services are still a wonder as they provide delivery within a week.

If you are looking for cheap prices, flexible payment options and fast delivery, you can’t miss it!!

This vendor got featured on our list for one main reason that they ship Modafinil products to all parts of world

Other areas where this vendor comes out a winner are

  • Fast shipping and delivery to any part of the worldwithin a week, which is amazing.
  • Provides the option to order small orders in limited batches. People who wish to order small quantities can do it here.
  • You get your product delivered or the refund is guaranteed. So there is no risk factor with this vendor.
  • Not to mention, the quality is excellent as they provide some high quality Modafinil pills to their customers.

If you are looking to order Modafinil in limited quantities, this is the place you will have to go after.

Purchase of Modafinil Online vs Prescription

The main benefit when it comes to buying Modafinil online is that you save a lot of money when you opt for the generic versions online. The popular generic options are Modalert and Modvigil, which are available in the range of 0.50$ to 2$ for 200mg. This is the pricing offered at the best sites we have mentioned above. Also, the prices drop heavily when you buy the medication in bulk. But are you aware of the prices at which your local drug stores sell Modafinil?  The pricing depends on a lot of factors like doctor’s prescription, insurance, prescribed brand and much more. Even with these, the branded form of Modafinil is considered to be more costly than the average price of Modafinil. These high prices prompt most people to choose Modafinil online as it eases out all these difficulties. If you wish to enjoy the benefits of having Modafinil at low prices, then buying it online from a trusted vendor is the only way.

The best of Generic Modafinil Brands

Modafinil comes under different brand names with the most common of the lot being Provigil [6]. Provigil is generally covered by insurance when a doctor prescribes the medication for you and this is why it is very expensive in the United States. You are liable to pay 10$ a Provigil pill going by that calculation. Isn’t that an insane price for you to cover?

This is why buying Modafinil from an online drug store can give you the edge you need. Two main Indian pharmaceutical manufacturers come into the picture when we talk about generic Modafinil sold in the market. They are HAB [7] and SUN PHARMA [8]!!

They are reputed manufacturers in the industry with a world class set up and approach towards generic medications. Both these manufacturers come up with similar sets of Modafinil products but having respective fan bases for their products. Modalert, Modvigil, Artvigil and Waklert are the most common generic Modafinil products available in the market [9]. Reports cite that Modalert is the most popular among these sets of generic Modafinil medications.

Side effects & Safety Precautions for Modafinil

Most users have experienced only minimal effects with Modafinil when the administered dose is well in range. But still it is important for people to be aware of the effects of Modafinil. A study was conducted where Modafinil was used to promote wakefulness in the military [10]. The doses were set to the range of 100mg per day and any evidence of adverse results were checked in a group of more than 200 military personnel. But the best part is that none of those members displayed any severe side effects with Modafinil.

Some of the common side effects are headaches, anxiety, diarrhea, Insomnia, stomach upset and few minimal effects [11]. But the good news is that these side effects can be handled effectively if certain precautions are followed. The risk of Insomnia can be minimized if the medication is consumed before 9 am. Through this practice, the effect of Modafinil can be minimized and people can sleep well at night. As far as dehydration is concerned, drinking lots of water or Pedialyte can rehydrate the body. Stomach upset and diarrhea comes when people skip their meals while taking Modafinil. The only solution is to take meals all the three times a day. When this is followed, the side effects can be nullified. Other effects include Dizziness, dry mouth, Chest pain and fast heartbeat.

When you experience chest pain, you must seek medical help at any cost. A variety of dose strengths are available for Modafinil though the 200 mg is the most common one out there. Most clinical trials suggest that Modafinil is very safe to use [12]. The minor side effects are sidelined by the abundant benefits that people get from using Modafinil.

When you decide to buy Modafinil, you can’t just stop with researching trusted vendors out there, a major aspect of Buying Modafinil online covers the legalities of Modafinil on a broad spectrum.

Modafinil – Is it legal?

Most people raise queries on whether it is legal to buy Modafinil. Most people have these concerns as they think a lot about these. The legal complication of Modafinil extends towards the availability of Modafinil in their country and the legalities surrounding them in their countries. There might be many questions going on in your mind and let’s hope to address those one by one. Buying nootropics like Modafinil online definitely brings in a set of legal complications that need to be given due notice. The laws that Modafinil is bound by differs from one country to another. But the laws are more or less the same in most of the countries. For example, any country outside America, you will need a doctor’s prescription mandatorily to purchase Modafinil [13]. Whichever country you belong to, it might be tough to purchase Modafinil from an authentic drug store without a certified prescription from a doctor. If you have been thinking to just go OTC and buy these medications, then it is better you drop those plans as it is not practically possible. The only way to bypass this situation is to know a pharmacist personally who can help you with the purchase of Modafinil risking his/her life.

Above all this, one thing that everyone fears is getting arrested for buying Modafinil online. I am sure you might have thought about it too as to what would happen if your Modafinil package gets seized by customs or if you are caught purchasing Modafinil for your personal use. But allow us to break the reality for you. There have been no reports of incidents where people have been arrested for bringing in Modafinil into their country for their personal use. It is really not a crime and you need not worry about it much. Although facts denote the same, only one country has some strict laws in place for the same. People in Japan have reported that they faced legal complications after the customs got hold of their ordered Modafinil products. With much research over the years, we have not really come across any such arrests related to the purchase or possession of Modafinil for personal use. Also the law enforcement is not strict with Modafinil and it is very evident from the track record that Modafinil has been maintaining over the years with many benefits and positive effects. This is why the Government focuses more on stopping addictive drugs and medications that are a huge threat to the whole society.

If you are puzzled and not sure how to order Modafinil, first it is better to check the country wise information on how convenient it is to order Modafinil online.

If you are from America, what is the most important legal information on Modafinil that you need to be aware of? Lets just have a peek on the same.

It is very important to understand that Modafinil has been placed under the “Schedule IV” Category by the Drug Enforcement Administration. To know what this category of drugs comprises, Xanax and Ambien are some familiar medications placed under this category. The categories are also spread across I to V, where Schedule I displays high risk and Schedule V reflects the lowest of risks.

In the US, the only legal way to buy or use Modafinil is through a valid prescription from a doctor. Also, it is expected that you purchase the medication from a legitimate pharmacy or drugstore. Do not forget that the only way a doctor would prescribe Modafinil for you is when you are duly recognized with any of the sleeping disorders and narcolepsy. It is also important to note that the FDA has formulated certain laws where any unauthorized person is not allowed to import medical drugs for personal use into the States. This is considered a crime and law states that a felony will be charged resulting in 1 year of prison when no valid prescription is found with the user.[14]

But there are certain circumstances where the exceptions would come into the picture. Non-FDA approved medications can be brought into the country when there is a valid prescription and only a limited supply of the medication is procured only for personal use. They also tend to check if the drug poses any undesirable risk and Modafinil passes the test under that regard.

So, gathering all this information, we conclude that it is definitely not legal to buy Modafinil in the States without a valid prescription, but that doesn’t mean you will never be able to buy Modafinil. The real world risks are true but they can be bypassed effectively if you play by the rules.

In any case, you are free to buy Modafinil in limited quantities without facing any legal trouble. However, in rare cases, your order might get caught by the customs officials. But when you buy it from a reputable vendor, be guaranteed of a refund or a reshipment free of cost.

Country by Country – Legalities of Modafinil

As mentioned earlier, no matter which country you belong to, everything boils down to a prescription when you set out to buy Modafinil. Most of the Western countries follow this principle while countries like Mexico allow you to purchase Modafinil from a local drug store even without a prescription. Legal situations in some of the prominent countries have been mentioned below.

U.K : Modafinil is usually prescribed only for narcolepsy in this country and hence, it comes under the prescription only medications. Though these rules apply, nobody terms it illegal if you possess Modafinil in small quantities for personal use. This is because Modafinil doesn’t come under the UK Misuse of Drug Act.

Netherlands : The possession of Modafinil is not illegal though the medication is prescribed only for narcolepsy.

Canada : It is not a criminal activity to buy Modafinil online in Canada but the drug is placed under Schedule 1 and it is available under a different brand name in this country.[15]

Germany : With prescription, it is easy to get your hands on the branded form of Modafinil though it is not an illegal activity without a prescription in hand.

Australia : The classification of Modafinil comes under Schedule 4 but Modafinil can be imported and exported here without much of legal trouble.

Mexico : It is available here under a different brand name and it is okay to buy Modafinil from a local pharmacy without a valid prescription.[16]

Conclusion with Reality

Real world risks cannot be neglected as such and it must be given due importance to be aware of the challenges while buying Modafinil online. You will never be put behind the bars if you attempt to buy Modafinil for your personal use. But you are prone to get arrested if you sell or pass it on to a friend without any guidance.

Two main situations have been recorded where purchasing Modafinil has resulted in legal trouble for people. In one, people in Japan purchased more than 60 pills at a time which is the allowed range for personal use. In another, huge packages of Modafinil were ordered which became a huge row. Apart from these two incidents, no other incidents have been recorded on the Internet.

An interesting piece of information that could be of huge relief is that most Government agencies are more concerned about addictive substances than the use of smart drugs like Modafinil. But that doesn’t mean, the situation can be taken advantage of. Make sure that you order only small quantities for personal use. Also, there has been only 1% instance of Modafinil confiscation over the years. Also, the reputed vendors make sure they compensate their customers either through reshipment or refund. This is why it is important to research well and buy Modafinil from a reputed vendor who is authentic and reliable. Most reputed vendors source their products from SUN and HAB Pharma giants whose products have been approved by the FDA and they have with them the manufacturing certifications that are very much valid. Also, authentic Modafinil vendors make sure that they send packages in a discrete way and not even the label would display anything related to Modafinil. You are halfway done once you choose the right vendor as they would make sure your Modafinil reaches your doorstep at your convenience.

We hope we have covered all major areas when it comes to buying Modafinil online. All you have to do is keep in mind the things we have highlighted and go about with your purchase process from a reputed Modafinil vendor.


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